Grasshopper Farm is a community-inspired and idle farming blockchain collecting game!  Farmers can collect unique, playful Grasshopper assets that will all play an essential role in various events, missions, and will even go to battle for you against your opponents!  

The game is an integrated, text-based program running in Telegram.  Telegram is a simple, private messenger app that a lot of us use to communicate!  Never has it been this simple to earn and utilize blockchain ERC1155 assets.  No extensive game downloads, no hours of commitment.  Navigate your Farm with a couple of clicks, send your Hoppers out on quests, and check in when they return with their loot!

Every Grasshopper you collect is an ERC1155 token, created on the Enjin platform.  These tokens will vary in effectiveness, rarity, and influence on the Farm.  

The game will continue to evolve, adding more Hoppers, more buildings, and more activities to perform!  With an easy integration between blockchain and Telegram, updates are frequent and significant!  There is always opportunity to collect more items and increase your power!

To learn more about Enjin and the Enjin wallet, head here!

To begin playing the game, head here!

If you have any more questions, check out our FAQ or How-to-Play sections above, or join the official Telegram group here!

Collect Grasshoppers

Earn or Purchase Grasshoppers in the game to grow your Farm.

Complete Missions

Send your Hoppers out on Missions to fight enemies or help out around the Farm to get more rewards!

Build your Farm

Use your Hopper power to upgrade buildings, acquire more Hoppers, and rise up the leaderboards!

Meet the Team

My name is James, the Founder and Lead Developer of Grasshopper Farm! 

I began learning Python early 2019 to help out at work (simple text/email automation), but when I got into blockchain in the middle of 2019 I loved it!

I made my first Telegram bot in October of 2019, and went on to build some engaging little mini games for several other Enjin developers.

Grasshopper Farm was birthed in December of 2019, and will continue to grow and expand!