Why Grasshoppers?  

The Grasshopper meme was born quite a while ago, most notably pioneered by beloved community member Ryan Wine.  Ryan would jokingly insinuate that he needed his cryptocurrency to start making him money to support his Grasshopper Farm in order to feed his family.

Why Telegram?  

The simplicity!  The Enjin telegram channel has over 17,000 members, yet most game projects only have 500-2000 members.  The goal of Grasshopper Farms is to capture a broader audience of users that have less time, less computer specs, or less desire to download more programs in order to try to earn loot and slay their foes.  Telegram allows users who are already actively chatting with their friends to simply navigate to the bot, give it a couple commands, and return to their daily living.

The use of Telegram also greatly reduces the need for artwork, scenery, animations and the like.  This allows for a greater focus on item creation, technology, blockchain integration, and usability!

How do you play?  

Simple!  If you haven't already, download Telegram by clicking here for Android, iOS, Desktop, or just open it in your Browser!  Then, download the Enjin wallet by clicking here for your Android or iOS device.  Once you have both of these ready, head to the game chat in Telegram by clicking here, and follow the instructions in the bot!

How do I become a Founder?  What are the benefits?

Becoming a Founder is simple!  Head into the Bot and get started playing the game.  Once through the tutorial, there are two ways to pick up the Founder's token.  You can head to the Government Hall -> Mayor's Office to hire a Founder, or head to the Financial Sector -> Deal of the Day and navigate to the Founder token.  This purchase will require you funding your account with Enjin, head here if you have any questions!

The Founder token will have many benefits, including the capacity to upgrade the token itself to provide a significant increase to your global Success Chance of Quests, your Combat Power, your Quest Time, and your Upgrade Time.  Founder's will always hold a special place in the community, and will be eligible for Founder specific prizes, quests, and airdrops.

Can my Hoppers die?

No!  Your Grasshoppers are owned by you, and available always in your Enjin wallet.  They will never die in game, and will always return ready to take on the next challenge you have waiting for them! :)