GHF Dev Update 10/10/21

Hey Hops!  Got some awesome news to share with you guys about some recent new developments we've been making over on the Grasshopper Farm!  In short, there are lots of awesome Base Assault features and potential Land expansion coming in hot!

I'm going to keep this article brief and just let it serve as a quick recap and announcement of some of the recent updates and future plans.  Most notably wanted to mention a couple things:

  • Paypal has been added as a deposit option!  Find this in the Account -> Bank -> Deposit section.  Be sure to include your game information in the transaction so we're able to confirm the deposit together.
  • "!" Notifications have been added throughout the menus!  The Squire Hopper Bot will still always DM you when something is ready for you, but now you can hop right into the game and see these handy exclamation marks to notify you where something is ready to be collected - whether it's a Boss Attack, Base Assault, or Quest - the keyboards will let you know something is waiting!
  • Some minor Quest adjustments have gone live!  Most importantly, certain quests have been added or hidden based on the number of quests you have completed.  This will help new users more easily pick quests right for them, and allows us to open up specific new user quests to help reward them with some basic Ninjas, Jumpy, and Helpers to get started on their journeys.  Multiple future quests are in the works to be added to the highest tier of user, with more exclusive rewards and steeper requirements.
  • Swarm Assistance is finishing up testing to finalize most of  the upcoming Base Assault features!  We still have a couple things to work on, such as Base Upgrades, Multiple Location Handling, and the Outpost ecosystem.

That about wraps up the most recent updates over the last couple of weeks!  We'll be continuing to move forward with some Base Assault developments and welcome all feedback from the community!  Until next time, Hoppy Questing!