GHF Event - 5/4/21 May the 4th Be With You!

What's up everyone!  The Lightsaber Wars are about to begin, and it is time to get super hyped for a month-long Lightsaber extravaganza!  I'm very excited at the potential of this event, and want it to be stuffed to the brim with exciting opportunities and fun prizes!

The core of the event will have players choosing between Good and Evil, in the ongoing intergalactic Lightsaber War.  Players will earn points for their side by completing Battle Quests with their Lightsaber Hoppers, and the side with the most points at the reset on the night of June 5th will be crowned the victor!  Mini events will pop up throughout the month, encouraging players to complete additional side quests for bulk points, point bonuses, special item unlocks, and more!  Expect additional details to creep up on those mini-events once they start launching!

I wanted to make this a super rewarding event, so all users of the winning team will split a $5000 HOPS prize pool, with rewards distributed based on contribution to the event.  All participants meeting a minimum contribution requirement will also receive a Special Hopper and a Mecha ability based on their side.  Additionally, a raffle will commence among the victors for 4 new upcoming assets - 4 special assets that will serve as Outposts on the World Map, that will allow the player to generate special loot of  their own, and elicit a tax on other players that desire to venture to that Outpost to gather your resource.  Just another innovative way to introduce more player-owned economy aspects into the game!!

These 4 special assets will all be based around a familiar Desert Planet in a Galaxy probably kind of far away....

Head on over to the Event Hall for more details - the fun will begin on May 4th, 8 PM EST!