GHF Halloween Event

Hoppy Halloween Grasshopper Farmers!


We’re queuing up a fun little casual Halloween event to be had in the Grasshopper Farm game starting tonight!  Halloween marks the 2 year anniversary of the very first Grasshopper NFT, the Witch Hopper, which makes this an extra special holiday for us.  So today we’ll be embarking on a week long journey of quests, boss attacks, and haunted house visits to collect some candy!


This event will begin in the Event Hall, where incoming users will need to scan our Beam QR code to receive their very own Hoppin’ Pumpkin to stash all your candy in.  After this, simply complete Quests, land World Boss attacks, and visit the Haunted House in the Base Assault menu to collect Candy.  Candies can be collected from 8PM EST Oct 24th, until 8PM EST Oct 31st (the time of our daily reset).


You can return to the Event Hall to swap in 10 Candy for the Halloween Roulette, which features Nugs, HOPS, the new Trick-or-Treater Hopper, and more.  No purchasing is necessary, but you can pick up some extra candies from the Event Hall with HOPS if you wish to collect more.  The Trick-or-Treater Hopper will feature a limited supply of 100 assets.  The roulette will be available an extra week, until 8PM EST Nov 7th.


Additionally, a special Skeleton Lord Hopper will be listed on the Jumpnet Marketplace for 20 JENJ.  This is the first time we have ever featured an asset for sale outside of the game, and this bony Hopper will exclusively be available from the marketplace.  He will be set at a limited 25 Supply.


As a thank you to all of my early supporters, all active Witch Hopper holders will receive 20 Candies, 5 Candies for Ghosty Hopper holders and 10 Candies for Jack-O-Hopper holders.  I will take an additional snapshot on Nov 7th of all Witch, Ghosty, Jack-O, Trick-or-Treater, and Skeleton Hopper holders.  Each will be weighted as 5, 1, 2, 1, 2 tickets respectively, and 5 winners will be drawn to receive 100, 75, 50, 25, and 10 HOPS.


Hoppy Questing!