GHF Halloween Event Begins!

Greetings, weary traveler!  Hark ye and listen along for the tale of the Giant Pumpkin!

Across all the Hopper Farms, word is growing quickly of the upcoming Giant Pumpkin festival!  Hoppers are venturing in masses in search of the largest pumpkins and most cutting edge growing techniques to produce the best Pumpkins in all the land!  Now until October 31st, your Hopper Squad can venture out on a 2 hour Society Quest to try to find the HopperVerse's largest pumpkin!  Pumpkin Seeds will also be available for purchase in the Event Hall starting tomorrow!

Rumor has it some Witches have resurfaced to cast some friendly spells on their allies.  Owning a Witch Hopper can increase the size of your Pumpkin (does not stack).

On October 31st all Hopper Farms participants will engage in a measuring contest, and the Hopper with the largest Pumpkin will bring home some new Hopper prizes and some fresh Enjin!  New Hopper mints include the Special Ghosty Hopper (100 supply) and the Special Godlike Jack O' Hopper (25 Supply)!  Rewards will be distributed as follows:

1st - 5 Jack O' Hoppers, 5 Ghosty Hoppers, 500 ENJ

2nd - 4 Jack O' Hoppers, 4 Ghosty Hoppers, 250 ENJ

3rd - 3 Jack O' hoppers, 2 Ghosty Hoppers, 100 ENJ

4th - 2 Jack O' Hopper, 2 Ghosty Hoppers, 50 ENJ

5th - 10th - 1 Jack O' Hopper, 1 Ghosty Hopper, 25 ENJ

Good luck out their Hopper Farmers!