GHF Halloween Event Ends!

Hopper Fam, thank you all for participating in our Halloween event during the month of October!  Over the last couple of weeks, 3998 Pumpkins were collected to participate in the Giant Pumpkin contest!  Here's a reminder of the rewards:

""On October 31st all Hopper Farms participants will engage in a measuring contest, and the Hopper with the largest Pumpkin will bring home some new Hopper prizes and some fresh Enjin!  New Hopper mints include the Special Ghosty Hopper (100 supply) and the Special Godlike Jack O' Hopper (25 Supply)!  Rewards will be distributed as follows:

1st - 5 Jack O' Hoppers, 5 Ghosty Hoppers, 500 ENJ

2nd - 4 Jack O' Hoppers, 4 Ghosty Hoppers, 250 ENJ

3rd - 3 Jack O' hoppers, 2 Ghosty Hoppers, 100 ENJ

4th - 2 Jack O' Hopper, 2 Ghosty Hoppers, 50 ENJ

5th - 10th - 1 Jack O' Hopper, 1 Ghosty Hopper, 25 ENJ""

   1st. 0x14ad1c68803c288d482ff620c9e1865224a81e62

2nd. 0xa5a0b7c3dd5dddbfbd51e56b9170bb6d1253788b

3rd. 0x60d38778adbbeeac88f741b833cbb9877228eea0

4th. 0x7e1e653eee24c69cdbd722993da340ed7544baf8

5th. 0x83ce2f7d8f87664d2c20e1c84dbbb059c80d7845

6th. 0xe7b81ad13936b8d01324cd270db5758e29a2168b

7th. 0xf4a8b052afbd2584d0a12c1711887ef8b2f4b44a

8th. 0x487be0ddd397f16e89c10429f6927928cfa1e286

9th. 0xd4d350e0e7730660e6cdf532d613cdfe775d6513

10th. 0xc3f9eef6028101cfb6884a0c7d6dfdab0556a53c

For those that like probability and statistics, there were 8000 possible pumpkin sizes for each user to find.  Our first place winner found the MAXIMUM size pumpkin, and our 2nd and 3rd place finishers both found pumpkins of EQUAL size, with 3 executions of a coin flip determining their positioning.

In addition to the ingame event, players were also offered the opportunity to carve Halloween pumpkins for a shot at the remaining Jack O' Hoppers.  Each of the player pumpkins below will also be receiving 1 Jack O' Hopper to add to their collection!

See you all for some more fun at Thanksgiving!