GHF Labor Day Event

Hey everyone!

I wanted to do something interesting for Labor Day, and figured tying in your Helpers would be the perfect solution!  So, until next Sunday, 9/13, at 8pm EST (Midnight UTC Sunday->Monday), any 25 Helper purchase will randomly give 1-5 free Helpers!

Founder's Token holders and Typeform responders will additionally get 10 Helpers on next Sunday (stackable).

At this time also, we will begin a bracket competition exactly like our last one but based on the number of Helpers you have!  Brackets will be randomly created then executed daily until we have our winners!

Rewards for top 3 finishers!

1st - 500 ENJ in game, 1/1 Unique World Boss, 1/5 Exotic World Boss, 1/10 Godlike World Boss

2nd - 250 ENJ in game, 1/5 Exotic World Boss, 1/10 Godlike World Boss

3rd - 100 ENJ in game, 1/10 Godlike World Boss

1st place can also help me pick a design theme for the tokens (ie Dragon, Golem, Woolly Mammoth, anything!)!

The boss rewards will be themed around Helpers/Resources, but will have different loot tables and drop chances based on the rarity - including an additional exclusive 1/1 Hopper Helper Bow that could drop from the Unique boss!

The other Exotic and Godlike Bosses will probably be released in a couple months with a very low drop chance from an Exotic Handler quest!

Be one of the first World Boss owners, and work closely with me to create this epic system!