GHF Labor Day Event Begins!

Hey Farmers!  An exciting update for today as we launch the Labor Day event, the Feats of Labor competition!  As mentioned in the previous article, we've been preparing for another bracket competition that will start tomorrow night and continue every day at reset!

Some background information - tonight, Green Grasshopper Helpers were gifted to Typeform participants, Founder's Token Holders, and 1 Lucky Twitter post retweeter Pbock!  Then, all users with over 50 Helpers were selected and randomized to be placed in a single elimination bracket, where each day each user will go head to head with another player with their odds of winning being based on the number of Helpers they have vs their opponent.

Helpers are still acquirable, and the amount of Helpers you have in the tournament will not be locked!  There are 62 participants and your info will be updated in the Event Hall in game!

If you need a recap on the rewards, here they are!

Rewards for top 3 finishers!

1st - 500 ENJ in game, 1/1 Unique World Boss, 1/5 Exotic World Boss, 1/10 Godlike World Boss

2nd - 250 ENJ in game, 1/5 Exotic World Boss, 1/10 Godlike World Boss

3rd - 100 ENJ in game, 1/10 Godlike World Boss

1st place can also help me pick a design theme for the tokens (ie Dragon, Golem, Woolly Mammoth, anything!)!

The boss rewards will be themed around Helpers/Resources, but will have different loot tables and drop chances based on the rarity - including an additional exclusive 1/1 Hopper Helper Bow that could drop from the Unique boss!

The other Exotic and Godlike Bosses will probably be released in a couple months with a very low drop chance from an Exotic Handler quest!

Good luck out their Hopper Helpers!