GHF Update 1/2/21 - Christmas Event Ends!

Hey everyone!  I have forgotten to write an article summarizing the Christmas event, so wanted to make this real quick!  As a reminder, an exclusive Society and Battle quest were live from December 14th - January 1st in the Hopper Game, with bonuses upon completion and leaderboard placement based on completed quests, number of Reindeer Hoppers, and number of Candy Cane Swords (and level!).  Overall, 8560 of these quests were completed with 4356 of them containing an additional goody bag with new Hoppers, Nugs, ENJ, and more!  Our top 3 users collected 8175, 7017, and 6425 presents!  Leaderboard prizes are noted below:


Most Presents:

1. 3 Abominable SnowHoppers, 500 ENJ, 25 Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank/Maple Syrup

2. 2 Abominable SnowHoppers, 300 ENJ, 15 Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank/Maple Syrup

3. 1 Abominable SnowHoppers, 150 ENJ, 10 Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank/Maple Syrup

4 & 5. 1 Abominable SnowHoppers, 100 ENJ, 10 Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank/Maple Syrup

6-10. 1 Abominable SnowHoppers, 50 ENJ, 5 Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank/Maple Syrup

Top Contributors:

1. 3 Abominable SnowHoppers, 300 ENJ

2. 2 Abominable SnowHoppers, 200 ENJ

3. 1 Abominable SnowHoppers, 100 ENJ

We additionally ran an event in the @NomBattleBot on Telegram from December 27th to January 10th with our good friends @Cryptonom.  Players could adventure across the Frozen Tundra to collect pieces of Santa's missing suit, and were able to redeem a special Holiday NFT Gearset from the Cryptonom ecosystem!  Expect bot integration of this item soon as well!  46 users collected at least 1 Suit, with 66 being found overall (a couple more were rewarded in various other Nom Giveaways)!

Big shoutout to all of our participants and all of the sweet loot we were able to share over the Holidays!  Stay tuned for future Hopper events coming soon!