GHF Update 12/13/20 - Christmas Event Begins in Two Days!

Happy Holidays Hopper Fam!

Time to fire up your Hoppers with a little bit of holiday cheer and have a fun little 2 week event!

Beginning December 15th at 7 PM EST, a new Society and Battle Quest will launch allowing players to accumulate Hopper Presents.  Top 10 Present Collectors will receive some sweet rewards, including the brand new Abominable SnowHopper token above!  

Collection of presents will be based on a couple of factors:

  • Number of Hoppers (Society/Battle for each respective quest)
  • Number of Elf Hoppers and Reindeer Hoppers (Society)
  • Number of Candy Cane Swords and level of Candy Cane Swords (Battle)

Reindeer Hoppers will be purchasable from the event menu for 25 ENJ.  The Supply will be capped at 500, and there will be an initial limit of 10 Reindeers per user - this will potentially be lifted as the event nears an end based on remaining supply.

Candy Cane Swords can be crafted from the relevant blueprint dropped to all Santa Hopper holders!  Additionally, BP rentals are live so you will be able to craft your own in the Forge menu if necessary!

These quests are guaranteed success, and each quest will additionally have a chance to drop a Hopper Goody Bag with prizes including Enjin, Nugs, Hoppers, and a new special snowy Mecha Hopper ability!  Even a small supply of Abominable SnowHoppers can be found in the goody bags!

To cap it all off, a portion of all Enjin deposits during the two week event will be donated to the Toys for Tots charity, and additional rewards will be granted to the top 3 contributors during the event!


Most Presents:

1. 3 Abominable SnowHoppers, 500 ENJ, 25 Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank/Maple Syrup

2. 2 Abominable SnowHoppers, 300 ENJ, 15 Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank/Maple Syrup

3. 1 Abominable SnowHoppers, 150 ENJ, 10 Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank/Maple Syrup

4 & 5. 1 Abominable SnowHoppers, 100 ENJ, 10 Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank/Maple Syrup

6-10. 1 Abominable SnowHoppers, 50 ENJ, 5 Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank/Maple Syrup

Top Contributors:

1. 3 Abominable SnowHoppers, 300 ENJ

2. 2 Abominable SnowHoppers, 200 ENJ

3. 1 Abominable SnowHoppers, 100 ENJ