GHF Update 12/8/20 - Hopper Swarms!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to write a complete article about the Swarm systems introduced to the Grasshopper Farm just a short bit ago!  Swarms are the Grasshopper Farm clan system, where users can band together to complete Swarm quests, obtain Swarm buffs, and combat the Swarm boss!

To start, players can head to the Swarm menu in the Main Menu.  If you are not part of a Swarm, you will be prompted to join or create one!  Joining a Swarm will show you all of the current Swarms that have member slots available.  Creating a Swarm will allow you to create your own!  In order to create a Swarm, players must reserve 10 ENJ that will be added to the Swarm Bank for future upgrades.

Swarms currently support 3 member levels - Owner, Admin, and Members.  There can only be 1 Owner, but unlimited Admins of the Swarm.  Owners have the unique privilege of disbanding the Swarm entirely, Owners and Admins can perform any Swarm upgrades and manage members that are beneath their rank.  Members can participate in all Swarm events, but cannot initiate upgrades or manage other Members.

Once part of a Swarm, you and your amigos can perform Swarm Quests, pick up new Hoppers and Shields in the Swarm Shop, Battle the Swarm Boss, and contribute your own Nugs, Enjin, or Helpers to allow for Swarm Upgrades!  Additional Swarm Quests, Shop options, and the Boss will unlock as you perform more Swarm Quests and level up your Swarm!  Currently, there is a Quest at Swarm level 1, Swarm level 5, and Swarm level 10.  There are some Shop restrictions in place that are unlocked after continuing to complete the level 1 Quest, as well as more items unlocking at level 5 and level 10.  The Boss and the Quest to summon the Boss unlock at Swarm level 10.

Swarm Owners and Admins get additional access to Management options, where you can additionally upgrade buffs for all Swarm members in line with the GFT upgrades for individuals - Quest Time Reduction, Upgrade Time Reduction, Combat Power Increase, Quest Success Chance, Boss Damage, Critical Crafting Chance, Special Resource Increase, Base Defense, Map Travel Time, and Loot Chance!  Swarm Admins can also upgrade Boss specific areas such as increased damage on each hit, increased lifespan, and increased boss loot.  Admins are also responsible for unlocking Swarm Shop assets that can be purchased by users, with a large amount of these purchases being fed into the Swarm Bank for further Swarm upgrades!

Fire up the game below to become a Swarm member or create your own community to complete quests together and claim unique assets!