GHF Update 2/13/22 - Hoppium Generator is Live!

Howdy Hoppers!

Over the course of our last 2.5 yrs together, the NFT and Blockchain gaming ecosystem has grown tremendously!  There have been a ton of ups and downs, but we've been working hard to keep minting out some fun Enjin fueled NFTs every day!  We're honored that hundreds of happy Hoppers are finding new homes every day whether they're being rescued from dangerous swamps, recruited from swashbuckling pirate hordes, or discovered hanging out at the local Nuggy Bar!

The #Play2Earn Movement surprised a lot of people with newfound blockchain integrations and mechanics, and we've been excited to continue minting out blockchain backed assets every day!  But sometimes, just having NFTs isn't enough!  That's why the Grasshopper Farm is happy to announce the addition of the Hoppium Generator, a device that will help active players earn HOPS every day, the premium currency of Grasshopper Farm.

All active players will need to just complete 10 quests per day, then head over the the Hoppium Generator to procure their daily HOPS.  Everyone can potentially earn 1 HOPS per day, with this number increasing with the ownership of Hoppium Generator NFTs, and subsequent upgrades to this building.

Here's to 2022, and to hopefully much more Hoppium on the horizon! :)