GHF Update 2/14/21 - Will you be my Hopper Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day Hopper Farmers!

Below you'll find all the relevant information for the Hopper Valentine's Event, beginning at the 2/14 Daily Reset (7 PM EST) and lasting for two weeks!

Legends tell of the mysterious Cupid Hopper, having graced the Farm 1 year ago to mysteriously vanish leaving only his Bow behind!  Lucky collectors were able to redeem this Bow with a Baby Hopper to receive 1 Cupid Hopper, and it is this Hopper's time to shine in our 2nd annual Valentine's Day event!

Your Hopper Farm is tasked with completing a Special Society Quest to collect more of Cupid's scattered Arrows.  Arrows can be redeemed in the Event Hall for several awesome items, including a Special Lovebird Hopper, a Unique Mecha "Charm" Ability, and a very special Godlike Lovey Dovey Bow BP!  (Sidenote:  The Lovebird and Lovey Dovey Bow BP will be created after the event ends and supply is set (max 100) and will be usable in the near future!)  Currently there is a limit of 2 of each of these per account!

Additionally, players can redeem Arrows on the Arrow Roulette, with a heap of standard Hopper rewards (ENJ, Nugs, Helpers) - but also the chance to find a new Unique, Exquisite, and Godlike Cupid Boss series!  Each player is limited to 1 of each Boss they could possibly roll.

All of the technical details can be found in the Event Hall and the Quest menu once the Heart Hunter Quest goes live, such as redemption requirements, Arrow accumulation, and more.

Players are able to purchase 50 Arrows using 25 ENJ if they want a little extra boost, and any new incoming deposit made during the event will grant 1 Arrow/1 ENJ equivalent deposited (ENJ, DYT, and ETH deposits accepted - although ETH tracking has been kinda wonky, but can make this work manually if required).

Although the quest will go live at 7 PM EST, we can get some shenanigans rolling early!  DM me the codeword "Hoppentine" for 10 Arrows, send me a screenshot of 50 Medium Claps for 10 Arrows, and receive 10 Arrows for Twitter Follow/Like/Retweet (DM me account name to check)!