GHF Update 3/15/21 - New Food and Quests!

Good evening Hops!

Have a couple exciting things to share as we continue to cruise along and add new Grasshopper Farm features!

Valentine's Event:

Last night we wrapped up the Hopper Valentine's Event, a 4 week special quest with exclusive item redemptions including a new Weapon BP, new Special Lovebird Hopper, and a series of Cupid Hopper Bosses!  With the current gas prices, we might have to wait just a smidge to create all of these new tokens - which means I'll have to create a temporary solution to access these items ingame until they can get all set!

World Bosses and Mercenaries:

The Mercenary Camp and World Boss are essentially finalized, and most aspects can be accessed in game!  The Mercenary Camp allows players to borrow or supply Mercenary Hoppers for the sharing of combat power, which will proof increasingly useful as Bosses and Base Assaults come to be!  Currently, the World Bosses are also pending some item creations so these aren't fully live yet.

New Food Items:

We've introduced 2 new Food items to the Kitchen today!  The Maple Roasted Veggies can be consumed to increase loot chance where it is applied (Quests, Bosses, etc).  The Blueberry Muffin can be consumed to decrease the Quest Time of your quests!  Each item follows the same tier list as before - Small, Medium, Large, and Giant.  Find them in your Kitchen!

Space Hopper Quest:

The new Space Hopper Quest is now live!!  Something that has been discussed for months is finally getting some love!  Users can engage in the new Stargazing Society Quest to search for the 4 new Special Alien Hoppers.  Collect all 4 and notify me to receive the exclusive Space Shield Blueprint to craft/rent a new Godlike Shield!  The intention of the quest is to be open for everyone, but more friendly towards the early supporters that picked up the very first Hoppers.

That is all for now!  Stay tuned for further Boss, Base Assault, and Mecha developments!  Be sure to pick up the Grasshopper Founder's Token for some special rewards coming soon!