GHF Update 3/31/20 - The Big One

Hello all!  Today is the big day!  We are upgrading the bot to the new-and-improved bot we've been dreaming of!  With the help of a couple testers, everything seems to be ready to go!  This is a pretty significant update, so read here for changes:

  • Resource Handling has been adjusted.  Resource Quest has been removed.  Green Grasshoppers will no longer be sent on Quests, and will be assignable to your Lumber Mill, Quarry, and Farm to gather these respective resources.
  • Green, Rare, Epic, and Legendary Hoppers have been moved to direct purchase.  Godlike Hoppers are not available for direct purchase and will become exclusive to other various features (ie Event, Quest).  These will cost 15 Enjin (Rare), 30 Enjin (Epic), and 45 Enjin (Legendary)
  • A new tutorial system has been added to the bot.  New and existing users will be prompted to perform the tutorial, learn the new features, and also receive 3 free Green Grasshoppers, 1 Swordsman Hopper, and 1 each Lumber Mill/Quarry/Farm
  • Enjin cost has been removed from Quests, and will instead be a requirement on Building Construction and Upgrades of your Buildings and your Founder token.
  • The majority of menus have been readjusted.  Complete the tutorial to navigate each of these.  Briefly, the game has been split up into 5 sectors to increase immersion.  Government Hall, Construction Center, Combat HQ, Financial Sector, and Resource Stockpile.  Gov Hall will handle recruiting Helpers (Green Grasshoppers), recruit Scholar Hoppers, display Leaderboards, return your History, and handle your Mayor upgrades.  Construction Center will host building construction and building upgrades.  Currently the Lumber Mill, Quarry, and Farm are available.  You can own 5, and upgrade them each to level 20.  Combat HQ handles recruiting Battle Hoppers, and the Quest menu.  Financial Sector displays your balance and instructs you on deposits, as well as hosting the Deal of the Day - a varying Hopper at a discount (right now the Founder token will remain here).  Resource stockpile will be where you assign Helpers to gather resources, manage this, and upgrade these buildings.

As always, let me know if there are any bugs found or questions!