GHF Update 4/18/20 - Doctor Event Over!

Hey Farmers!!  Another update incoming, and wrapping up the last two weeks of our Doctor Hopper event!  Big shout out to all of our participants, what a successful and exciting two weeks!

Overall, 89 Doctor Hoppers were purchased during the event - this will boil down to a $225 donation to the registered charity of the winner's choice!

Final Rankings are:

  1. Aims (Aims1)
  2. Will (@QPG_ACE)
  3. PiP (@OrangeSpiral)
  4. mmk (@khang365)
  5. Nick (@CryptoNick90)

Rewards will be sent shortly to the winners!  I will be contacting Aims to see if he has a charity preference for our donation.  Hope everyone is doing well!

Will also do MiniCoins Raffle and GFT Raffle for holders of Doctor Hoppers via Twitch this weekend.

As an additional bonus, I wanted to introduce the Hopper Stimulus Relief Package.  As hinted in chat, I will be crediting 30 ENJ to the bot accounts of all GFT holders around the start of the Multiverse Quest, NEXT Saturday, 4/25.  Hopper printer goes BRRRR.  Let's build some beautiful Farms!

Today we are also dropping a couple updates for the Hopper Bot!  Main highlights:

  • All menus have pictures introduced
  • History has been reduced to 25 entries to handle photo addition
  • Tutorial has been reworked to provide further Enjin education to new users upon request

Bot guide is also live @ ! 

Stay tuned for next bot updates to include Swarms and the Multiverse Quest slated to go live next Saturday!