GHF Update 4/19/20 - It's a Boy!

Hey Farmers!  Another small update today, as I continue to work on a couple of larger features (Swarms, Multiverse Quest).

Today we have added:

  • An additional Society Quest "Raising a Baby"!  This quest has you caring for some young Grasshoppers with a lot of potential!  A successful quest gives you a chance at Nugs, a Baby Hopper, or another less than desirable outcome...Baby Hoppers will be primarily used as a conduit to get other Hoppers via trade in.  Swapping in a Baby Hopper and another integrated item will reward you with 1 appropriate grown up Hopper (ie Cupid's Bow + Baby Hopper = Cupid Hopper).  This will also be the primary method of obtaining collab Hoppers, and more of this will be live once I finish the transfer tracking code.
  • An additional Battle Quest "Perform Training Session"!  This quest has your Hoppers training their battle skills.  A successful quest has a chance at dropping 1 of 4 new tiered Hopper Sword NFTs.  These will provide a boost to combat power and can be upgraded (later, not yet).  The chance at a better sword increases based on your Combat Power!
  • Automatic Transfer Tracking is now live for Baby Hopper submissions, expect to see another quest with a couple items added soon to be able to swap in with your Baby Hoppers and have them return all grown up!
  • All Battle Quests have been swapped over to success being based on combat power.  Default Combat Values = Rare (5), Epic (10), Legendary (15), Godlike (25), Special (10).  These are all increased almost 2x (except rare) from success chance values (4/6/8/10/3%).  A combat power threshold of 200 will guarantee victory in NOM/Mercenary quests vs 100% success chance, so a minor nerf to this.  Training quest remains as stated above, higher combat power will increase % chance of finding a Rarer and more powerful sword.
  • Bug Fix - Advertised values of success chance when recruiting have been increased to match actual quest values - 4/6/8/10/3%

Stay tuned for further updates on Swarms and more!  Multiverse Quest plans to launch next weekend!