GHF Update 4/20/20 - The Big Minting Day

Heya Farmers!  What a day!  We made our official Enjin Multiverse announcement today, Safe GWEI low was up to 10 GWEI, and we quickly stacked up 400-500 mints in a couple hours!  Luckily we were able to batch that up to about 80 mints while some transactions were pending.  So today was mostly spent managing that, but also introducing some QOL improvements to the bot.

Just because I think this is wild, here's one of our minting commands for Green Grasshoppers, that used 2.2 million Gas!

Ok, here's a couple update notes from today:

  • Fixed a discrepancy where the new battle quests were still applying your success chance bonus instead of combat power bonus
  • Added total success chance and combat power to balance displays at the quest screen (sword info is not included, but is calculated in your combat power)
  • Added success chance/combat power and type of quest you are on to menu display when you are out on a quest and coming in to the quest menu (when you normally see the time they will return)
  • Updated all minting handling to be on a 5 minute cycle and attempt to batch mints when possible
  • Added an error menu in the event an error causes the bot to delete your menu but not resend a new one (the menu can always be called back with /start)
  • Fixed an issue where a Failure of the Raising a Baby Quest would not save to history and also display no message to the user, and only post a keyboard and image. 
  • Fixed an issue where lvl 0 Swords (all swords) were not adding the appropriate bonus to combat power.

Thanks to Zero1Zero for some feedback on menu displays.  Stay tuned for more updates!  Main priority will be coding the Multiverse Quest this week, exciting to drop that one on you all!