GHF Update 4/27/20 - The Multiverse Quest and More!

Heya Farmers!  Excellent community collaboration in the books and a great weekend of Hoppermania!  It took just about 26 hours for all 20 of Raskulto's Leggings to be claimed from this weekend's event.  Congratulations to all the winners!

This special piece is 1 part to the 5 piece Raskulto, Eidolon of Virtues - which can be acquired in game when all 5 of his pieces are drawn.  Each of the 5 pieces have a 25 supply, meaning at max only 25 players can wield Raskulto!

This 6 part quest series took players all across the Multiverse, requiring participation in Dissolution, Forgotten Artifacts, CryptoNOM, and of course Spirit Clash!  And required some extensive thinking to solve some of these riddles!  Stay tuned for further Multiverse events through the Rift!

Couple other notes from this weekend:

  • We gave some Enjin to Founder Token holders and top 20 Farms as a thanks for supporting and as some compensation for the change in prices of buildings and Green Hoppers.  This payout totaled 1800 ENJ, ~$270 at the time!  Thanks for being a part of the Farm!
  • We expanded the leaderboards to 10 entries to give you a better idea of your competition!
  • We expanded the building cap to 10, and added all of them into the upgrade menus for access
  • We released the Blacksmith building for purchase, this is where one will go to forge new weapons and upgrade their current ones (this part isn't live yet)