GHF Update 4/28/20 - Some Menu Changes!

Hey there Farmers!  Had another quick update today, mostly focused on some reorganization of some of the menus so stay tuned to not get lost!  Most notable changes:

  • Recruit Helpers has been moved from the Government Hall to the Resource menu
  • Recruit Scholars has moved to the new Hoppers menu that has replaced Combat
  • Combat menu has been renamed to Hoppers - here you have your Hopper list (list of all Hoppers, Success Chance, and Combat Power), Society and Battle recruitment, and Society/Battle Quests

The new upgrade system is also LIVE, so you should be able to simultaneously perform 1 upgrade on your Founder token, and 1 building upgrade currently.  Stay tuned for the further integration of this in the Blacksmith, where you can upgrade 1 Weapon per Blacksmith (and upgrade time also influenced by level of that Blacksmith).