GHF Update 4/4/21 - Jumpnet Plans

Hoppy Easter Sunday folks!  I wanted to write this quick article detailing some of our next steps and plans for what we will be able to do once Enjin Jumpnet launches!

If you haven't heard, Jumpnet is Enjin's temporary Ethereum sidechain solution to be able to start creating and utilizing our NFTs without paying significant gas fees!  You can read more from the Enjin blog on Jumpnet here.  So what does that mean for our little Hoppies?

Primarily, this will give us the freedom to continue creating new tokens to be added to the game without having to deal with crazy gas fees!  There are a couple of tokens that have been pending Creation due to this, most notably the rewards from the Valentine's Day event, rewards for the Reddbeard boss fights, and the new Mecha Hopper abilities and equipment!  Creating these items and building ingame recognition for these will be our first play after Jumpnet is ready.

Secondly, there is a large backlog of Hopper tokens waiting to be distributed to our lovely players!  Right now there are around 20,000 NFTs just waiting to be distributed to some of our new and old Hopper players!  Once the new tokens are organized, we will get to work on distributing all of these pending tokens to our players.  Expect there to be some form of ingame confirmation to push these tokens to mint!

Once all of the new tokens are organized and old mints are flowing, we will be able to finalize Reddbeard's World Boss ecosystem and introduce this new core feature of the Grasshopper Farm in World Bosses!  Most notably, this is expected to be a great way to encourage player ownership of tokens and facilitate an environment where users can generate rewards for owning these tokens and engaging with other players!

After that it is full steam ahead on the Mecha Hoppers!  You may have noticed this system beginning to form already if you own a Mecha and have visited the Mechanic ingame!  Expect further development on abilities and equipment, a level up system, and some competitive Arena action!  Stay tuned!

As always, be sure to join the Community Telegram chat and follow our Twitter to stay up to date on all of the latest news and stay tuned for future giveaways!