GHF Update 5/1/20 - Weapon Upgrades!

Hey Farmers!

Got another awesome update that dropped in regards to the Blacksmith!  The Blacksmith menu is now live, and you can begin upgrading your weapons!!  Some highlights:

  • Upgrading weapons - you can now select any of your owned Blacksmiths and upgrade one of your weapons!  All weapons will have the following base stats and increase linearly per level: Rare - .1% + 1 flat, Epic - .2% + 2 flat, Legendary - .3% + 3 flat, Godlike - .5% + 5 flat
  • Upgrade handling is now unique, which means you can simultaneously perform an upgrade to your GFT, an upgrade to a building, and 1 weapon upgrade per Blacksmith (you cannot upgrade the same weapon in 2 Blacksmiths)
  • Weapon forging is NOT yet live
  • Blacksmith upgrades will grant 1% decrease to upgrade time per level at that Blacksmith.  Cumulative upgrades will unlock Blueprints at certain milestones (ie a Level 2 and a Level 1 Blacksmith = cumulative 3 levels, unlock a blueprint at cumulative 10 levels - not yet live/milestones undetermined)
  • Combat power now correctly applies the new combat bonuses, and is capped at 10 weapons!