GHF Update 5/1/21 - Landfills Live!!

Hey everyone!  Brief article tonight, highlighting the changes with the Diaper Generation in the Grasshopper Farm, and the introduction of the new Landfill building!

The Diaper Quest has been removed, and your Garbagemen are now hard at work instead at the Landfill, earning 1 Diaper per Garbageman per 6 hours.

Each user will start with the basic Landfill, allowing 10 Garbagemen to work, gathering 1 Diaper per 6 hours, and holding up to 500 Diapers.  Past that, owning and upgrading Landfills will increase the Garbageman capacity and the Diaper storage capacity.

All users with 10+ Garbagemen have been given pending Jumpnet Landfills to accommodate their current Garbageman Army!

Reach out in the Community Telegram with any questions!