GHF Update 5/10/20 - Cleaning up those Diapers!

Hey all!  For those who have been around the Farm, I'm sure you have collected quite a few Stinky Diapers trying to get your hands on some sweet Baby Hoppers.  Because of this, we've made a new quest and made a couple changes to the game as we continue onward!  Mostly, we've swapped the quests around some and added some new ones!

  • Removed Fishing for Nugs Society Quest - added Market Hopper bonus to resource collection at the rate of 2 Nugs/Market Hopper/Hour.
  • Added Cleaning up Diapers and Dusting off Antiques Society Quests - Diapers will be redeemable local assets, Antiques will be blockchain items tradeable in conjunction with a Baby Hopper for an adult Hopper!
  • Garbageman Hoppers are for sale as an Epic Society Hopper, and will increase Diaper gain in this quest!
  • Diapers will be redeemable in the Diaper Shop in the new Baby Center menu in the Hoppers menu - this is not quite ready yet.
  • New Baby Center also has "Rite of Passage" menu, detailing all possible trade combinations of Baby Hoppers currently.
  • Picked up the ENS domain grasshopperfarm.eth for easier transactions!

That sums up most of what we've done this weekend!  Will continue to work this following week to finish out the Diaper Shop, create a Nug Shop, and then focus more on Swarms and Rare resources for forging weapons!! 

Stay tuned for our Bracketed Combat Power competition for a completely unique, 1 supply Sword that will be awarded to the winner! -