GHF Update 5/26/20 - The Shiny Resources & Feats of Strength Over

Heya Farmers!  Haven't dropped an official update post in a hot minute, but mostly been sharing progress in the Telegram chat and some other announcements here!  Our Feats of Strength event ended today, congratulations to our 3 Winners - Michael, Sergio, and Etay!  Michael takes him the Unique Sword, Sergio gets the Godlike, and Etay gets a Legendary - all with some Nugs and Enjin as well!

If you've been around the Telegram, you've probably seen that I was planning on implementing rare resource collection around the end of the Feats of Strength event.  We still don't have the blueprints/forging stuff added yet, but will work on rolling these out over the next 1-2 weeks.  Essentially, rare resource collection will start off based on the combined level of your resource buildings, and be split up into Tiers.  One thing to note, each LEVEL of your building, technically contributes +1 to the level read here (for example, level 0 building = +1, level 1 building = +2, etc).

Tier 0 - Combined Level 1 - 9 of specific building

Tier 1 - Combined Level 10 - 14 of specific building

Tier 2 - Combined Level 15 - 24 of specific building

Tier 3 - Combined Level 25+ of specific building.

All tiers will have a chance for any resource to be found, but each tier will have a higher chance of rarer resources to be found!  These resources will start off as local assets used for forging recipes.  Will probably add a system similar to what we will do with Greens/Nugs where you can withdraw at some point to get the blockchain items (but will require sending to game to consume).

Currently, the plans for each building are:

Quarry - Rare Rocks/Ores, used for crafting Swords

Lumber Mill - Rare Wood/Planks, used for crafting Bows

Farm - Rare Food types, used for cooking meals that will provide temporary buffs

Nuggy Mine - Bags of more Nugs

Smithy can unlock certain special recipes at each Tier threshold

Will also be looking to add in Daily Logins here soon, with basic and unique rewards!  Stay tuned for more info on that system.  Let me know your feedback in the Telegram chat!