GHF Update 5/3/20 - The NFT Metadata thing

Good Evening Farmers!  Got another fun one for ya today, that we've been talking about for a while.  Although I didn't work specifically on the bot much today, we ironed out a much needed system to help out with our friendly NFT structures we have :)

That's right, we've implemented a system that will check the token indices of our NFTs across the game server, and automatically update the metadata of that token to reflect upgrades to these tokens.  These upgrades are permanent, and will persist despite owner of the token - giving some of our players a unique opportunity to create a secondary market for leveled up gear and buildings.

@cryptonick90 asked me to shout him out, this is his sword

Currently, the 4 Swords and the Smithy are live on EnjinX/Enjin Wallet.  We are still waiting on Enjin to pick up the updated URI for the older tokens that can't be handled via the Enjin Cloud platform.  With these changes we look to add even more clarity to our token environment, and allow players true ownership of the progress they make in game!

Check out the Farm to start earning your own tokens today!