GHF Update 5/8/20 - The Nuggy Mine!

Hey Farmers!  Got a pretty big update so make sure you read up!  This week, after a lot of discussion with the community, we decided to change up the Nug system a little bit!

Basically, it worked in the past as a collection of blockchain assets - you would simply require to hold X amount of the Nugs in your wallet in order to execute certain upgrades on the Farm.

The new system will be changing that!  All nugs found in game will be stored LOCALLY and will be CONSUMED upon upgrade.  Nugs can additionally be farmed by Green Grasshopper Helpers at the rate of 1 Nug per 10 Helpers per hour.  Users can deposit their current Nugs to the bot address to use them locally for upgrades, or keep them if they wish to trade/sell.  Users will soon have the option to Withdraw their local nug store to receive the same blockchain assets as before if they wish to sell/trade them!

Essentially this is helping us in a couple of ways - it is helping reduce/minimize minting cost, it also allows us to introduce a method of item consumption - reducing overall item supply, and also allows us to introduce alternative methods of Nug accumulation, so we can focus on cooler society quests!

Additionally, because of this, Nug requirements for upgrades have been reduced.  Let me know if there are any questions!! 

We've also incorporated a similar system with the Green Grasshopper Helpers.  They will originate locally so you can use them right away - won't get eaten - won't be required to be in your account to use.  Have the option to mint later.