GHF Update 6/1/20 - The Forge is Open!

Hey Farmers!  With the rollout of Rare Resource acquisition this past week, we've finalized and added our new Forging system into the game!  If you missed the news on the Rare Resources, you can check it out here.  Essentially, every hour your resource buildings have a chance of finding rare resources that will be used in crafting your own weapons!

8 weapons are available for crafting, the 4 swords we are familiar with, and we have added 4 new bow weapons that are currently available exclusively via crafting!  Use the rare resources you have gathered to create these new weapons that will increase your combat power substantially!

Leveling up your blacksmiths will grant you additional recipes to craft, and leveling up your resource buildings increases your chance at finding these rare resources!  Soon we will implement a system where you can swap in your unused Swords, and in exchange receive rare resources with a shot at rarer resources!!

Stay tuned for more updates, more items to forge, and the continued expansion of the Grasshopper Farm!