GHF Update 6/21/20 - Multiverse Items, Robot News!

Hey Grasshopper Farmers!  Wanted to share some details of the past week, some MV item integrations, and some plans for our immediate future!

If you might have missed it, our predominant announcement is of a collaborative effort between Grasshopper Farms and Ether Legends, a collectible card game built using ERC721 and ERC1155 assets!  They've created a beautiful Hopper bot companion card that will be used collectively in both of our games!  Make sure to check out their article as well - EL x GHF Collab!

This little guy will soon become available through our Society and Combat Robot featured quests, where players will be hunting for rare completed Robot parts but also guarantee a small collection of scrap - the scrap parts can then be traded in for completed parts once a certain amount is collected!  Our Metal Detector and Robot Warrior Hoppers will both work to improve your odds of finding these rare pieces!!  Right now, our goal is for the quests to go live over this next week/next weekend!!

In the Multiverse sector, we have additionally added support for the Epochrome Sword, Starbow, and Forgehammer!  Epochrome Sword and Starbow will both give you a flat combat power bonus, and the Forgehammer will improve your odds of critically crafting a weapon Forge - all for just holding these items!  It pays off to be a Multiverse Warrior!

As always, stay tuned in the Grasshopper Farm telegram chat for all of our latest updates.  Have a great weekend everyone!