GHF Update 6/29/20 - Forging Blueprints and New Weapon Tier!

Good Evening Farmers!!

Been continuing to work hard on some stylish new updates that will start to bring everything on the Farm all together!  We of course have the Swarm Guild system and Base Assault systems to still complete, and the new Robot Quest will be getting some love very soon, but I've wrapped up the addition of new weapon blueprints and added some forging mechanics with them!  Still to come will be the possibility to provide your BPs as rentals for other players (all handled in game) for an extra fee paid to you!

In an ever expanding attempt to thank my early supporters and loyalest Grasshoppers, I've created blueprints of Godlike Swords that were distributed to Santa Hopper and Grasshopper Founder token Holders.  The Founder Sword and Candy Cane Sword Blueprint have been created, with supplies of 68 and 24 respectively!  These weapons will allow Founders and Santa Hopper holders (Santa Hoppers were obtained by being a top supporter during our very first Hopper roulette release!) to create some Godlike weapons to bolster their arsenal, or provide them the opportunity to sell these to other players!

In addition, a Godlike Bow Blueprint has been created for distribution through our Daily Login system, with plans to have that live within 1-2 weeks.

Finally, we've created our newest tier of weapon, Exquisite!  This tier currently exists exclusively as a reward for critical crafting a Godlike Void Sword or Godlike Bloodied Bow in the Forge!  Will announce a special Mini Competition soon to the first pioneers that can critical craft these!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and stay tuned for further Robot Quest updates!!  :)