GHF Update 6/6/20 - Forging Adjustments, Mayor Buffs!

Hey Farmers!  Wanted to share a brief post about some recent changes and additions we made to the forging mechanics!  There have been 3 sizable changes that will allow us to continue to expand Forging mechanics!  Onwards and upwards!

  • Your Grasshopper Founder's Token has received an additional upgrade measure for a chance at Critical Crafting any Forge!  For each level, your GFT will add a 1% chance for any Forge to automatically craft the next strongest Sword or Bow instead!!  Please note Void/Bloodied crafts will have a new crit-crafted tier coming soon!
  • Old Weapon turn-in has been enabled!  Turn in your collection of weaker or unused swords to receive some Rare Resources for the turn-ins.  Use these resources to craft again for a shot at a critical craft, or save for future use!  Resource returns are as follows:
  1. Iron/Hunter weapons will give 2x Tier 1 Resource (Steel Ore or Oak Plank)
  2. Bandit/Sharpshooter weapons will give 5x Tier 1 Resource (Steel Ore or Oak Plank)
  3. Glacial/Flowery weapons will give 5x Tier 2 Resource (Icy Ore/Pristine Plank)
  4. Void/Bloodied weapons will give 5x Tier 3 Resources (Obsidian Ore/Redwood Plank)
  • Cost of these Forges has increased to match the increased capacity to receive these resources and also mirror the rate at which people are able to accumulate these naturally!  Rare crafts will require 5 instead of 3, and Epic/Legendary/Godlike crafts will require 10 rare resources instead of 5.
  • Addition of a random resource acquisition method for 50 diapers in the Diaper Shop!

Have some fun in the Forge Farmers!  Who knows what Multiverse Forge items might be implemented next??  Best to get ready!