GHF Update 6/7/20 - Small QOL Improvements and some surprises cooking!

Hey Farmers!  Figured the work today was worth a small article of Patch Notes to make sure things don't get missed!  So quick recap of the work today:

  • Diaper Shop menu was moved to the Financial Sector, and Robot Shop is coming soon - this will be part of our next questline!
  • Quests were moved out of the Hopper menu and are now their own menu!
  • Some progress made on Withdrawal menu, where you can remove your Green Grasshoppers/Nugs/Rare Resources from the game wallet.  This will be coming soon and more details will follow!
  • Added the additional bonus of Farmer/Lumberjack/Miner Hoppers to Rare Resource collection!  Owning any amount of these Hoppers will give +5 to the effective level when checking for Rare Resources (this does not stack if you own more than 1 of these Hoppers).

Expect a lot more goodies coming soon!! :)