GHF Update 7/12/20 - Welcome to the Kitchen!

Oh, hello there Farmers!  Time for everyone to don their Chef caps, find the resident rat chef to hide underneath, and put those Special Food Resources to good use!!

Introducing the Hopper Kitchen, a new building that will function similar to the Hopper Smithy.  Essentially, the Kitchens you own can be leveled to reach a cumulative level of 10/15/25 to unlock new tiers of Food recipes, as well as having access to other blockchain recipes that can be applied to your Kitchen!  The Kitchen can be found with the Blacksmith in the new ARTISAN menu in the GHF!

The primary benefit of the Kitchen will be in providing temporary buffs that can be applied to your Farm - some examples of this include increased success chance, increased world boss damage, increased loot chance, and more!

These recipes will be added to the Kitchen throughout the week, and will plan to continue to add more as time goes on!  Currently, we will start with a Blueberry Pie (Increased Success Chance for 24 hrs) and a Vegetable Salad (Increased Combat Power for 24 hrs)!  The Maple Donut, will be a recipe that will increase damage to the world bosses - regular Maple recipes will give a %% chance to do 1.5x damage on each attack for 24 hours, but the Maple Donut will give 100% for 2x damage - we will do more giveaways for this throughout the week!!

Pick up your Kitchen in the game now to prepare for our ELI World Boss fight at the end of this week!