GHF Update 7/22/20 - Pending Mint Integration!

Gas prices weighing you down?  Wishing that sweet Sword you just looted can be used on your next Hopper quest?  Afraid your poor Hoppers will be stuck in High GWEI-ville forever?

Fret not!  Tonight we've added a couple changes to automatically apply all pending mints to your game balances, so you can use your Hoppers and Weapons while they are waiting to be minted!  We wanted to avoid this scenario, but gas prices have reduced minting to ~1x/week, so wanted to make sure no one missed out by having to wait for mints to participate in any quests or battles!

Pending mints should now reflect in multiple different areas, including:

  • All Pending Hoppers will be reflected in Hopper balances and contribute to your Success Chance or Combat Power.
  • All Pending Weapons will contribute to your Combat Power if they are part of the 10 strongest weapons you would own given their level 0 stats.
  • All Pending Farms, Quarries, Lumber Mills, and Nuggy Mines will now increase your storage capacity and apply the proper bonus to chances of receiving special resources every hour.
  • Pending Kitchens and Blacksmiths will now allow you to Cook/Consume Food, or Upgrade/Forge your current weapons.

One key thing to note, you will not be able to upgrade the level of any of your pending weapons/buildings.  We still hope to mint at least 1x/week, as long as gas can make it back to the 20s!

Happy Farming!