GHF Update 7/3/20 - Daily Login Rewards are Live!

Good morning Farmers!  Wanted to drop a quick line about the release of our Daily Login system!  This simple system rewards our active players just by checking in every day!

To start, to qualify for the login rewards, you must have a combat power of at least 50, or have deposited a total net amount of 100 ENJ to the game.  This is just a small measure to ensure multi/spam accounts don't steal all of our good Grasshoppers!

If you meet the qualifications, all you have to do is fire up the Grasshopper Farm GAME and head to the Daily Login menu at the main menu!

Rewards include Nugs, Diapers, Enjin, Green Grasshoppers, Baby Grasshoppers, Antiques, Epic and Legendary Weapons, and of course, the exclusive Blueprint for the Dark Hopper Bow, a Godlike craft!

Streak rewards will also come into play, with larger rewards for more successful daily logins!  These have not been determined yet, but the streaks are currently counting and we can expect this info to be available soon!  I am anticipating moderate rewards for 10/25 days (perhaps a Rare/Epic Grasshopper), large reward at 50 days (perhaps 50 Enjin) and probably something super awesome for 100 days (perhaps a brand new Godlike Antique)!

If you've been waiting or haven't checked in on your Hoppers for a while, now is your chance to get some extra free goodies just for popping in to Telegram for a couple minutes a day!  Don't miss out on the easiest acquisition of ERC1155s in the business!