GHF Update 7/3/20 (Part 2) - Forging/Crit Crafting Competition!

July 4th Weekend Update part 2!  We are live with a little critical crafting competition!

Critical Crafting is something that has a chance to occur any time you are Forging a weapon in the game, and is the opportunity for your Forge to automatically create the next stronger weapon instead!

Couple bits of info for the event:

You have to have a Hopper Smithy, and can head into the Forge menu from the Blacksmith option in the game.
Naturally critical crafting chance is low, but owning a Forgehammer or upgrading your Founder Token's bonus to critical crafting chance will make this a breeze!
The Dragon Scimitar and Dark Bow are the new Exquisite Tier weapons available from critically crafting a Void Sword, or Bloodied Bow respectively!  To unlock these blueprints, you need all of your Smithies to total level 25!

Now, for the rewards!

The first 10 people to critical craft 10 weapons will receive 10 of every special resource, and 100 ENJ in the game!

The first person to craft a Dragon Scimitar/Dark Bow will receive 25 of every special resource, and 250 ENJ in game (1 unique winner for each weapon)

The first person to craft BOTH the Dragon Scimitar and Dark Bow will receive 50 of every special resource, and 500 in game ENJ!

May the odds be ever in your favor!