GHF Update 7/5/20 - Game Transfer Upgrades

Hey everyone!  Real quick article today to details some improvements I made over the weekend to the game-transfer handling system.

Previously, any transfer required to be done uniquely for the game to adequately recognize it as a Nug transfer, Resource transfer, or Antique Swap.  This system would continue to lead some confusion, difficulty with transfer fees, and overall restrictions on items transferred.

So we made some improvements this weekend to the system handling, and now players should be able to send any items to the game in 1 transaction, with up to 10 unique items (each NFT counts as 1 unique item!!).

What this means:

  • Everyone can now trade in Baby Hoppers and all of their Antiques at once
  • Everyone can send in multiple swords in one transaction to get special resources back (+2 for Iron/Hunter, +5 for rest at base - %% chance to get higher tier, or for Godlike, get +10 instead)
  • Everyone can send resources, nugs, Green Grasshoppers, Antiques, Babies, etc, etc in one transaction!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

Remember to jump into the Grasshopper Farm for the critical crafting competition!  2000 ENJ up for grabs, and a ton of special resources!!