GHF Update 7/6/20 - Robot Quest Live!

Hey there Farmers!

We're back with another large gameplay update - the Robot quests are finally live!

We've ran through some of the mechanics in a previous article here, but will review:

  • New Part Collection and Robot Fighting Quests for both Society and Warrior Hoppers to partake!
  • All quests will guarantee Scrap Part find, with Robot Warrior and Metal Detector providing bonus parts with chance for more the more you own
  • Robot Warrior and Metal Detector also improve odds of finding a fully completed blockchain piece!
  • Robot Shop is open in the Financial Menu -> to handle trade ins of Scrap Parts for Hopper Mech Pieces.  Collecting a set + a Hopper Headpiece (Headpiece distribution TBD) can be traded in for a Godlike Mech Hopper, which will be incredibly customizable and will be utilized in bracketed and 1v1 arena tournaments (further details TBD)

In addition, the ELI Ether Legends World Boss showdown and the revamped Multiverse Rift quest system should begin this upcoming weekend!  Fight Eli for a shot at winning a Hopper Headpiece, which will be used to swap in for this awesome Ether Legends collab companion card (playable in both games)!  Send your happy Hoppers out into the Multiverse to keep us all safe, in 24 hr timed quests for a shot at MV items, Hopper assets, collab pieces, and more (a Historian Hopper is required to enter the Multiverse Rift, can be acquired in game)!

Happy hunting!  Join our Telegram chat (Community Link just below) with any questions!