GHF Update 7/7/21 - QOL Changes, Dev Updates

Good morning Hopper Farmers!

Wanted to drop a brief article on some Grasshopper Upgrades, some recent additions over the past couple of weeks, and everything on the agenda!

Will keep this brief and hopefully just be able to keep people more informed about any recent changes that might get drowned out in Telegram!

  • Wallet linking + Enjin Daemon are operational, meaning Jumpnet mints should be rolling if you have your Jumpnet wallet linked and meet the minimum 100 Quest completion requirement.  You can make sure your wallet is linked by heading to the Wallet Linking menu in the Account menu.
  • Clan Tags were added a little bit ago, with the release of the MvB Clan Tag asset!  If you own this item, you can enable the Clan Tag in the Account menu for display across various Hopper segments.
  • Daily Login has been revamped, based on some community discussion we've changed the system to decrease your streak counter on missed days instead of removing it completely.  Because of this a system has also been implemented to prevent users from getting duplicate streak rewards by purposefully missing days around streak markers.
  • I'm working on adjusting some Hopper metadata to update some of the token properties.  This won't have any impact on the game, but will help provide some distinction on asset types when viewing them on EnjinX or your wallet (example - Weapon Blueprint property now displayed here)
  • Some Swarm Hall Member management systems have been changed to now rank the members of the Swarm by order of contribution points.  This had been suggested a couple of times but I wasn't quite sure how to code it, until I discovered a fun workaround for this.

That's about all the recent changes for now!  I've also been continuing to work on the setup for Pirate World Boss and Mecha Arena behind the scenes.  Both of these are looking very exciting and I hope everyone is looking forward to these 2 major gameplay components.  Also been hard at work adding a couple @NomBattleBot systems such as increased token integrations, the Nom Coliseum, Endless Zones, and more.  Head on over there if you haven't recently and check it out!

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