GHF Update 8/24/20 - Pending Upgrades, Nuggy Roulette

Hey Farmers!  Hope everyone has been doing well thus far over the month of August.  I've been slaving away behind the scenes working on some major improvements to how the backend data handling works and things seem to be running very smoothly!  In the meantime, we've also had a couple of things happen that I think are worth discussing, as well as lay out a couple of things that we have discussed coming soon to a Farm near you...

To start, a couple set-in-stone features that have been rolled out over this past weekend:

  • The Nug Roulette is now live in the Nug Shop!  For 1000 Nugs, roll the wheel for a shot at Enjin, Special Resources, Hoppers, or the exclusive Golden Nuggy Bow BP!  With this BP, players can craft the Godlike Golden Nuggy Bow, a weapon that will surely be helpful once the Nug bosses are alive and rampaging across the Farms!
  • Pending Item Upgrades are now live!  Head to the Artisan Menu -> Upgrade Shack to view the pending items that you are able to upgrade.  Carry out upgrades as normal in this menu, with level ups carrying over into the token metadata once the token is minted!  With the current gas issues, now you no longer have to wait to power up your weapons, buildings, or mayors to take your Farm to the next level!

Some astute observers may have also noticed the Swarms menu reappear in the Hopper bot!  I am working on some preliminary testing with this, so expect basic Swarm features to be ready over the next couple of weeks.  Create, join, and manage your Swarm with your fellow Grasshopper Farmers, work together to level up your Swarm, complete Swarm Quests, activate Swarm buffs, and engage in Swarm v Swarm action all coming in the near future!

I'm also actively working on ideas for distribution of our World Boss ownership tokens, with some ideas such as an auction, a raffle drawing (peeps seemed to like Helpers counting as 1 ticket!), another bracket style World Boss event, and more.  Expect to see some distribution of a 5 or 10 supply boss while we work out the kinks, then some various large-scale activities for those 1 of 1 bosses!  Currently World Bosses look to tout some major improvements, including guaranteed loot on attack, unique weapons and Hopper lines relevant to each boss, longer lifespans, and wild benefits for World Boss owners!

I'm also still brewing on rewards for Typeform participants, GFT Founder Holders, and Quests Completed Leaders!  Considering extra entries for World Boss raffle, or just some other random goodies.  We will see!