GHF Update 8/26/21 - Reddbeard's Treasure Hunt Begins!

Hey there Hoppers!  Wanted to start of this article that less than 1 week remains on the deposit and World Boss damage promotions.  Make a deposit or beat up some bosses this next week to be entered into 2 different giveaways with the chance to own a World Boss token of your own and sit back while you generate some ingame revenue and rewards!  Full giveaway details here.

Now is a time for joyous celebration, as the first user has found one of Reddbeard's Special Treasure Maps!  This Map will unlock the Pirate Society and Battle Quest, where users can collect 8 different Reddbeard items.  Collecting the entire set will unlock a special Base Assault Outpost, that will exist on the World Map and provide Pirate-themed loot to you as well as grant you a portion of all loot from each player that journeys to this Outpost each day!

Base Assaults are the next large Grasshopper Farm endeavor, where players will be able to adventure on the World Map, assault other players' bases, and collect bonus resources and Special Loot from Enemy Camps, Outposts, and more!

Continue to participate in the Godlike, Exquisite, and Unique World Bosses each day for your chance to find one of these Maps and unlock the special Quests to get these brand new one of a kind NFTs!