GHF Update 8/28/21 - New Beginner Bundles Launched

Hey Hoppers!

Quick update on the brand new Beginner Bundles launched!  We added multiple bundles to really help players that want to emphasize a certain part of their Farm, or get going easier and cheaper than the old bundle.

Here are all of the details!

Chill & Earn Bundle - 10 Helpers, 1 Newbie Garbagemen - $10 HOPS - limit 5x

Super Quester Bundle - 10 Helpers, Ninja/Jumpy, Zoo/Brew - $20 HOPS - limit 2x

ForgeyBoi Bundle - 25x all Special Resource, Kitchen/Blacksmith, 1000 all Resources/Nugs - $20 HOPS - limit 3x

Mecha Bundle - 1x Mecha Hopper, 2x Random Mecha Abilities - $100 HOPS - limit 2x

Boss Ass Bundle - 30 Day Stingray Pass, 10x Large WB Dmg/CP Food - $30 HOPS - limit 2x

You can check these out in the Financial Menu, and jumpstart your Hopper journey today!