GHF Update 8/29/20 - Siege Hoppers, Diaper and Robot Additions!

Happy Saturday farmers!  Wanted to drop a couple updates today with some recent additions we have made!

  • Rare, Epic, and Legendary Siege Hoppers are now available in the Hoppers -> Battle Recruitment menu!  They will have standard Combat Power stats, with the addition of being useful in the upcoming Base Assaults!
  • Rare Siege Hoppers are additionally available in the Diaper Shop!  Baby Hoppers have also been introduced to the Diaper Shop.
  • Robot Hopper Heads have been added to the Robot Shop!  Collect the final piece to complete your Mecha Hopper if you did not get it from the ELI World Boss!

Stay tuned for some more new Quests on the horizon, as well as Swarms, Base Assaults, World Bosses, and Mecha Combat!