GHF Update 8/8/21 - New Garbagemen!

Hey there Grasshopper Farmers!

An exciting weekend with some giveaways and launch of the World Boss ecosystem!  Stay tuned for some further advancement including new bosses, more rewards, and unlocks of the Pirate Hopper Quest!

If you missed out on the Boss announcement, check it out here.

Loot is guaranteed and there's huge gains to be made here for new and veteran players alike, even if you aren't #1 on the leaderboards!

However, this article is for a slightly different announcement!  We've tweaked the Garbageboi/Landfill setup just a smidge to improve access to the Diapers!

Diaper collection has moved to a 24 hr timer, but Diaper gains have also been adjusted to account for this.

Old Garbagemen Hoppers remain ingame with their usual setup, meaning they will now each collect 4x Diapers every 24 hours!

The new Newbie Garbageman will come in at a reduced cost to swap with Antique or purchase in Hopper Recruitment, and will gather 1x Diaper every 24 hours!

Make sure to take advantage of this new Hopper to get your Diaper collection rolling and get into that Diaper shop!