GHF Update 9/1/21 - World Boss Release Event Giveaway Winners Announced!

Hey everyone!  Here to announce the winners for the World Boss Launch giveaway!

There were 2 giveaways ongoing until September 1st for the launch of our 
World Boss player-owned NFTs ingame.  One tied to deposits made during the month, and the other tied to damage dealt to the bosses.  Winners were picked on a raffle system with their deposit amount/total boss damage as their weighted chance of winning.

Our top 10 damagers dealt a whopping 131 MILLION damage to the world bosses over the last 4 weeks!!

Here are the giveaway winners and what they won!  Winners, keep your eyes peeled for rewards being distributed just after publishing! :D

Damage Event Raffle:

JytJyt - 1464554 DMG - 1x Reddbeards Hammerhead (Exquisite Boss), 100 Doubloons

MWMaehlisen - 31817936 DMG - Godlike Pirate Sword BP, 1x Legendary/Epic/Rare Pirate Hoppers, 75 Doubloons

C0llect0rz - 32305495 DMG - Legendary/Epic/Rare Pirate Hoppers, 50 Doubloons

Deposit Raffle:

javellda - 1x Reddbeards Stingray (Godlike Boss), 100 Doubloons

aku1994 - Pirate Mecha Gear Set, 75 Doubloons

nsd380 - Godlike Pirate Sword BP, Legendary/Epic/Rare Pirate Hopper, 50 Doubloons

cabalwars - Legendary, Epic, Rare Pirate Hopper, 40 Doubloons

avantgardy - Epic/Rare Pirate Hopper, 30 Doubloons

Congratulations to all of the winners!  As always Hoppers, keep your eyes peeled for further developments and new and fun ways to play and earn!  Until next time!