GHF x EL Collaboration - World Boss ELI


Time to organize some final details for the Ether Legends and Grasshopper Farm Collaboration World Boss Fight!

If you haven't been around the Telegram groups, the awesome team at Ether Legends has designed and created THIS collaboration Enjin token to be used between our two games!  In Ether Legends, a valuable companion card of the Bot and Bolts set!  And in Grasshopper Farm, a Godlike tiered Society Hopper, keen on improving the Success Chance of your quests with precise calculations!

There's been much deliberation and community feedback over the acquisition of this piece, and we at Grasshopper Farm have been given 15 copies to distribute out of his limited 100 supply!  So without further ado, I wanted to introduce our first run of the new Grasshopper Farm World Boss system.

Over the last week and a half, users have been able to assail the Dummy World Boss every 30 minutes, dealing a blow to the boss dependent on their combat power +/- 25%.  Our World Boss ELI has been downed several times, but he just keeps coming back for more!  This new Quest system will be independent of the current quests, so you will be able to run a Battle and Society Quest at the same time.  Future plans will include player owned and operated bosses, so stay tuned for that!

Our World Boss HP will reset daily with the login reset at 8 PM EST // Midnight UTC.  This means, if he doesn't die, his HP will regenerate to full, and if he is dead, he will return for another battle!  Users who participate in the World Boss fights will be rewarded in a couple of ways for this event:

Top Damage Dealer will receive 1 "Hopper" EL x GHF collab asset - there will not be duplicate winners, so if the highest damage user has won already, it will be passed on to the next eligible recipient.

Killing Blow will receive 1 "Robot Hopper Headpiece" - get the first round of Robot Headpieces to complete your Mecha Hopper set!  The Mecha Hopper is our own Godlike Combat Hopper, which will feature intense customization options for stats and loadouts - and will be usable in Battle Quests and a unique PvP bracket arena we plan to host in the near future!

In the future World Boss fights, all participating users that deal over a certain amount of damage in a successful boss kill will be eligible for prizes.

With that in mind, here are a couple ways to increase your Combat Power before the event launches on the Friday night reset, 8 PM EST // Saturday Midnight UTC (just under 3 days!).

Owning more Battle Hoppers, such as the Swordsman, Archer, and Spear Hoppers (all available in game!)

Upgrading the Combat Power buff of your Grasshopper Founder Token

Forging and Upgrading Swords and Bows in the Hopper Smithy

Cooking recipes for Salads (increased Combat Power) or Maple Spoon/Donut (increased World Boss damage) in the Hopper Kitchen

Get those Swords sharpened and Hoppers ready to rumble for this sweet collaborative piece and introduction to our World Boss quests!!