Grasshopper Farm Guide

Welcome all users to the updated GHF Game Guide!  Here I'll try to sum up all of the sweet features loaded into the Grasshopper Farm Game and a running list of all of our Hopping Assets!  Definitely join the Telegram group, follow our Twitter, and signup with the Hopper Squire to get any new announcements!

The Grasshopper Farm has a built in tutorial that goes over most of the fundamentals of the game.  Collect resources and Hoppers, and send them out on Quests to collect additional goodies.  Here we'll take a bit of a dive into the nitty-gritty details and try to keep a constantly updated guide explaining everything!

Event Hall:

The Event Hall is pretty self explanatory - it will convey information on whether or not an Event is currently live, and, if so, the details, rewards, and steps to carry out for that particular event.  This menu will have a link to the related event article and shortcut buttons to send you to the necessary bot actions!

Daily Login:

The Daily Login Menu is where to head to collect your Daily Login rewards.  The Daily Login is unlocked after depositing a total of $100 OR obtaining 100 Combat Power in game.  After reaching either of these milestones, users can simply head to this menu to claim a daily reward.  Be sure to head here every day, as there are giant rewards for continuous login streaks!!

The Daily Activities are also featured here!  These are accessible to all users, and provide ingame bonuses such as Nugs, HOPS, Helpers, and more for completing random ingame tasks such as Quests, Boss Attacks, Token Upgrades, etc.


The Government Hall houses your Mayor, History, and the Global Leaderboards.  

  • The Mayor's Office will house all management of your Farm Mayor, currently the Grasshopper Founder's Token Ol' Hopper!  If you don't own a Mayor, you can pick one up here for 200 HOPS.  Ol' Hopper won't be around forever, so make sure to take advantage of the huge buffs he provides before it is too late!  Once owned, the Mayor can be upgraded to provide a universal buff to your Hopper Farm's Success Chance, Combat Power, Quest Time, Upgrade Time, Critical Crafting Chance, World Boss Damage, Special Resource Chance, Base Defense, Map Travel Time, and Loot Chance!  All of these will be further explained in the respective areas where they apply!
  • The History menu shows a short list of recent actions performed in the bot.
  • The Leaderboards show off a collection of Hopper Squads that are topping the charts in a couple areas!  Currently the leaderboards display Farms with the Most Hoppers, the Highest Combat Power, Most Critical Crafts, Most Quests, Mecha Arena MMR, and Swarm rankings.


The Construction Center is the go-to location for purchasing and upgrading any of the Buildings on the Hopper Farm!  Currently players can construct additional Farms, Quarries, Lumber Mills, Nuggy Mines, Kitchens, Landfills, and Blacksmiths.

  • The Farm, Quarry, Lumber Mill, and Nuggy Mine all serve to increase the storage capacity of the respective resources, as well as increase protection of these resources during a Base Assault.  Upgrading or purchasing more of these buildings will upgrade the storage capacity and protection these buildings provide, as well as increase your chance of finding Special Resources each hour.
  • The Landfill is similar to the other resource buildings in that it will increase storage capacity of Diapers with ownership and upgrades, as well as offer protection during Base Assaults.  Landfills are staffed by your Garbagemen, and each Landfill level can accommodate 10 working Garbagemen per level.  Landfills generate Diapers every 24hours.
  • The Blacksmith is used to Forge and Upgrade player-owned Weapons.  Increasing the Blacksmith level reduces timers as well as unlocks additional more powerful weapons to be forged.  Owning multiple Blacksmiths will allow you to upgrade multiple Weapons at one time.
  • The Kitchen is used to Cook and Consume player-owned Foods.  Like the Blacksmith, leveling up your Kitchen will reduce timers and unlock additional more powerful food recipes.  Owning multiple Kitchens will allow you to cook multiple Foods at one time.


The Hopper menu is where you'll be able to view all of the Hoppers that exist, all the ones that you own, and allow you to recruit some of the currently available Battle and Scholar Hoppers!  This menu will also host the Baby Center for Baby and Antique interactions, and the Mercenary Camp to manage your Mercenaries.

  • The Society/Battle List will detail all past and presently available Scholar/Battle Hoppers.  These Hoppers will go out on Society/Battle Quests for you and you will also see the Success Chance/Combat Power these Hoppers provide for each Quest you embark on.  Additionally, in the Battle List, you'll be able to view the Hopper Weapons you own, and if you own any of the integrated MV items that provide a Combat Power boost you will see them here.
  • Scholar/Battle Recruitment will lead you to the currently available Society/Battle Hoppers to recruit!  These will be broken down into Rare, Epic, and Legendary.  Each tier provides increased Success Chance/Combat Power bonus, with the higher tiers being increasingly likely that they will be integrated into Quests!
  • The Baby Center is the in game location for performing swaps involving Baby Hoppers and Antiques.  Baby Hoppers are special Hoppers that can be combined with a special Antique to convert into a full-grown and powerful Hopper!
  • The Mercenary Camp is where players can Borrow or Provide Mercenary Hoppers for rental.  Mercenary Hoppers are Battle Hoppers, that are uniquely available to rent out to other players.  Timed rentals will allow players to borrow Combat Power from these Hoppers to aid with Boss Fights, Base Assaults, Quests, Events, and anything where Combat Power is required.


The Quest Menu is where you can head to send your Hoppers out on some of the available Society and Battle Quests available on the Hopper Farm.

  • Raising a Baby - Raising a Baby is a simple Society Quest with the ultimate goal of snagging a Baby Hopper to be swapped in with an Antique to get an adult Hopper.  Other rewards include Diapers and Nugs for your efforts!
  • Dusting Off Some Antiques - Dusting Off Some Antiques is another simple Society Quest with the chance to discover any of the currently available Antiques, including the Garbage Can, Sword, Books, Axe, and Blunderbuss.  All of these can be swapped with a Baby Hopper in the Baby Center for a nice Hopper!
  • Search for Pirate Treasure - The search for Pirate Treasure requires your Hoppers to use Reddbeard's treasure map to hunt for his missing Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond!  Collecting all of these as well as the Cutlass, Mainsail, Cannon, and Gunpowder from the corresponding Battle Quest will reward the user with a new Base Assault Outpost!
  • Collect Missing Robot Parts - Collecting Missing Robot Parts is a Society Quest that will have you seeking out some Mecha Hopper parts.  Each quest will grant Scrap Parts, with more parts coming if you own any Metal Detector Hoppers.  The Metal Detectors will also increase the chance of finding a fully completed part!
  • Stop the Robot Uprising - Stop the Robot Uprising is a Battle Quest that operates similar to Collecting Missing Robot Parts.  Parts found will increase based on your Robot Warrior Hoppers, with an additional increase in chance of finding a fully completed part as well.
  • Battle at Sea - Grab Reddbeard's Treasure Map and head out to sea to collect various valuable Pirate gear in constructing the perfect Battleship!  Gather enough pieces to acquire a Cutlass, Mainsail, Cannon, and Gunpowder to present to Reddbeard with his missing Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond for a new Base Assault Outpost!
  • Defend Ol' Hopper - Defend Ol' Hopper is a special Battle Quest unlocked by owning Ol' Hopper, the Grasshopper Founder Token.  Successful completion of the quest has a chance to find one of the Mercenary Hoppers attempting to assassinate Ol' Hopper!
  • Perform a Training Session - Performing a Training Session is a basic Battle Quest.  Upon successful completion, players have a chance to find one of the Hopper Swords or Bows to help equip their Warriors!
  • Constructing Weapons of War - Constructing Weapons of War is a slick Battle Quest based on the level of your Blacksmith.  Successful quest completion has the chance of finding one of the remaining Siege Hoppers!


The Crafting Menu is home to the Blacksmith, Kitchen, Upgrade Shack, and Reprocessing Plant!  The Crafting Menu will also let you know how many of each Special Resource or Special Loot item you possess!

  • The Blacksmith will grant you access to Weapon Forging and Upgrades.  Each Weapon can be upgraded to improve its Combat Power, and each Blacksmith can upgrade 1 Weapon at a time.  Leveling up your Blacksmith will unlock more powerful Weapons to be forged, and each Weapon forge has a chance to "Critical Craft", creating a Weapon of the next higher tier instead!  Weapon Blueprints can also be accessed here.  The BP weapons will offer unique bonuses in event scenarios or Bosses involving the nature of the Blueprint.  Additionally, player owned Blueprints can be rented to other crafters for revenue generation.
  • The Kitchen will grant you access to Cooking and Consuming of Food recipes.  You can Cook recipes based on your Kitchen level using your acquired Blueberries, Garden Vegetables, and Maple Syrup from your Farm.  These Food items will provide 24 hour buffs to various areas, including Loot Chance, Success Chance, Combat Power, World Boss Damage, and Quest Time Reduction.
  • The Upgrade Shack handles all upgrades for current pending mints.  This allows upgrades to happen quickly ingame, and will translate to NFT upgrades once those tokens are minted!
  • The Reprocessing Plant is a simple mechanic that allows you to swap 10 of a lesser tier Special Resource, for the next tier up!  This allows you to collect higher rarity Special Resources to craft some fancier items!


The Resource Menu allows for the management of Hopper Farm Resources!  Currently, this includes the Lumber Mill, Farm, Quarry, Nuggy Mine, and Landfill.  The option to recruit Green Helpers is here also, to add more workers to each of your buildings as desired.

  • Each resource building has an established maximum capacity of 1000 to start.  Purchasing additional resource buildings will increase this capacity, as well as upgrading your purchased buildings.  The Quarry and Lumber Mill will both acquire 1 Rock/Wood per hour per Helper assigned.  The Farm will provide 5 Food per hour per Helper.  And the Nuggy Mine will acquire 1 Nug per hour for each 10 Helpers assigned.
  • The level of each building and the amount of those buildings you have will also increase your chance of finding Special Resources each hour!  These are Iron Ore, Icy Ore, Obsidian Ore (Quarry); Wooden Plank, Pristine Plank, Redwood Plank (Lumber Mill); and Blueberry, Garden Vegetable, Maple Syrup (Farm).  The Nuggy Mine will give you an increasing chance to find bonus Nugs each hour!
  • The Landfill is a little different from the above, in that it will be staffed by Garbagemen and not Green Helpers!  The Landfill will provide Diapers every 6 hours based on the Garbagemen Hoppers you possess.  Each level increases capacity and protection the same as the others, and each level allows 10 more Garbagemen to work at the Landfill.
  • Each building will allow you to recruit more Helpers by using HOPS, and allow you to Assign/Unassign any Helpers you currently have if you wish to have them work at different buildings.

World Boss:

The World Bosses are a collection of player owned tokens that can be hosted daily by their owners for the other players to attack and collect valuable Hopper goodies unique to those bosses!  Currently, Bosses exist in the Godlike, Exquisite, and Unique Tiers.  Here players can check the Boss Schedule, Upgrade or Schedule their own Boss, or partake in currently live Boss fights.  World Bosses will each be live for 1 day, and will have unlimited health - at the end of each day, rewards will be based on the amount of damage each person did to each boss.

  • The Boss Schedule is pretty straightforward, and will show you what bosses are coming up on the schedule to engage with.
  • My Bosses will allow you to upgrade or schedule your own Bosses that you own.  Upgrades include Loot Chance, Prime Loot Spots (# of spots that will get an extra loot roll), Increased Damage Taken, Assault Time Reduction (decreased time for each attack to hit the boss), and the HOPS prize pool (a portion of all collected entry fees to go to the users participating).  Scheduling your Boss simply lines it up in the next available slot to be summoned ingame!
  • Rewards can be claimed each day after you participate in a Boss fight, and are based on the damage you deal to that boss during that day!  Placing high on the leaderboard gives you more loot rolls and even HOPS for the top 3 finishers!  Make sure to claim your rewards each day or they will be reset.  Additionally, each attack landed will net you Doubloons and the chance for an extra Hopper!
  • The Unique, Exquisite, and Godlike Boss fights can also all be entered here.  Only 2 can be entered each day, so make sure you pick the ones most important to your Farm!  An entry fee is required from each user to participate for the day (predominantly going to the Boss owner), and rewards are guaranteed.  Entry fee increases based on boss rarity, as does loot.  Purchasing a Boss Pass will allow you to bypass the entry fee at a discount!  Higher tier bosses also require higher Combat Power to enter.  Each Boss can be attacked simultaneously, and attacks are quick!  Make sure to signup with the Squire Hopper at the start to get notified when your attack is finished.

Base Assault:

Base Assault is currently undergoing internal testing, but will feature Hopper adventures out on the World Map, to conquer neutral resource locations, defeat enemy camps, or attack other players!


The Mechanic will be the home of all Mecha Hopper interactions!  Here you'll be able to exchange for your first (or maybe 100th) Mecha Hopper, set up his/her gear and abilities, and take them out to battle in the arena!  Level up your Mecha to add additional customization options, stat management, talents, and more!  Additionally, visit the Mechanic Vendor to find some special Mecha Gear and Goodies!  The Mecha Hopper will be usable and serve as a segway for the Grasshopper Dungeon combat, leveling, and customization mechanics!

  • Mecha Exchange will be available if you possess all 5 parts of the Mecha Hopper - the Head, Thorax, Abdomen, Wings, and Legs.  Swap all 5 to receive 1 Godlike Mecha Hopper!
  • Mechanic Vendor will sell special Mecha Goodies, and will also feature some special items unlocked by holding certain specific assets!  Right now, the Cyborg Champion from Swissborg allows the purchase of the Swiss Hopper Knife!
  • The remainder of the menu options will be the names of the Mechas you possess.  Navigating to each of these menus will allow you to rename your Mecha, equip different Gear or Abilities, distribute Talent Points from leveling up, or take them out to the Arena to battle other Mecha AI opponents!


The Swarm Menu is where you'll go to join or create a Swarm, the Guild system in Grasshopper Farm!  Technically a large grouping of Grasshoppers is called a "Cloud", but I didn't think that would make as much sense when just viewing the menus!  Once part of a Swarm, this menu will allow you to access and partake in various Swarm shenanigans, including Quests, the Swarm Boss, Contributing to the Swarm, the Swarm Shop, or Swarm Management if your role allows it.

  • Swarm Creation and Joining are pretty straightforward, you can look through the list of Swarms to apply to or Create your own!  Swarm Creation requires 10 HOPS, this will go to your Swarm Bank to perform upgrades and is just a simple measure to prevent spam.
  • Swarm Quests are another area to send your Hoppers out for some extra missions!  Currently, there are 3 Swarm Quests to partake in based on your Swarm level.  The first Quest will allow you to gather supplies for your Swarm Bank.  Completion of this Quest will also create progress towards unlocking recipes and items in the Swarm Shop!  The second Quest allows you to send your Hoppers out to a scary Swamp in an attempt to rescue some friendly Swarm Hoppers!  A successful completion here has the chance to add a Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Godlike Swarm Hopper to your Farm!  The third Quest tasks your Hopper group with building up Monolith Energy, and each increase in Monolith Energy has the chance to summon the Swarm Boss for your Swarm!
  • The Swarm Boss can be summoned to your Swarm above by completing the Monolith Energy quest after unlocking it at level 10 Swarm.  A summoned boss will have a set amount of time and HP to burn through, and users will be rewarded for dealing damage to the boss.  Rewards can be claimed in the Boss menu after a Boss has died that you have dealt damage to.
  • Swarm Contributions are important to getting your Swarm up and running!  Users can contribute HOPS, Nugs, or Green Hoppers to the Swarm that will be used by the Swarm managers to upgrade the level of the Swarm, provide Swarm Buffs to all their users, or unlock bonuses to the Shop and Boss!  Contributions are tracked and displayed as ranking points, a nice way of knowing who is involved with your Swarm!
  • The Swarm Shop, once unlocked, allows users to purchase some special items to add to their Farm.  Currently, the Swarm Shop allows you to purchase any of the Rare, Epic, and Legendary Swarm Hoppers, and also allows you to purchase the Swarm Exclusive Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Godlike Shields - in addition to the Multiverse item Stormwall!
  • Swarm Management is available to Swarm Owners and promoted Admins of the Swarm.  Managers can promote or remove other members, or enable/disable the auto acceptance of new members.  If disabled, managers will be able to review and accept applicants here.  Managers can also upgrade the global Swarm Buffs - Success Chance, Combat Power, Quest Time, Upgrade Time, Critical Crafting Chance, Base Defense, Map Travel Time, Special Resource Chance, Boss Damage, and Loot Chance - these will apply to all members in the Swarm.  The Swarm Level can be increased, unlocking more Member space, Quests at predetermined intervals (currently 1, 5, 10), and allow for you to upgrade your Swarm Buffs further (Swarm Buff Level cannot exceed Swarm Level).  Additionally managers can upgrade the Swarm Boss, to allow more time to kill him, increase the damage he takes, decrease his spawning HP, increase his Loot Drops, and increasing the rate at which Monolith Energy is built up to summon him.  Managers can also discharge the Monolith to deal damage to a currently alive Swarm Boss, and managers will also have access to unlocking the items in the Swarm Shop as they become available to unlock.


The Financial Menu is host to all matter of premium and ingame currency transactions, as well as special sales and offers to choose from.  These include the Diaper Shop, Nug Shop, Robot Shop, Pirate Shop, with special deals such as the Beginner Bundle and Hopper Deal of the Day.

  • The Diaper Shop is where you can head to swap out some of your Diapers for some helpful assets!  Diapers can be collected in the Society Quest Cleaning Up Some Diapers, which is reliant on your Society and Garbagemen Hoppers!  Assets available here include Baby Hoppers, the Antique Garbage Can, Green Helpers, Special Resources for Crafting, and the Rare Battering Ram Siege Hopper!
  • The Nug Shop is the same as the Diaper Shop but for your available Nugs!  Nugs are predominantly obtained by assigning Helpers to the Nuggy Mine building in the Resource Hall.  Here you can exchange your Nugs for one of the currently available Rare Hoppers, or roll the Nug Roulette for a shot at more HOPS, Special Resources, Food items, the Miner Hopper, or even the Golden Nuggy Bow Blueprint!
  • The Pirate Shop will allow you to swap your looted Doubloons for special Pirate items.  Doubloons can be found from the Pirate World Bosses, and the Pirate Treasure Map Quests.  You can also open up any looted Pirate Chests here if you have a Key and Chest for some more Pirate loot!
  • The Robot Shop allows you to swap out collected Robot Scrap Parts for the miscellaneous parts of the Mecha Hopper!  Scrap can be collected in the Society and Battle Quests to Collect Missing Robot Parts and Stop the Robot Uprising.  Once all 5 Mecha Parts are collected (Head, Thorax, Abdomen, Legs, Wings), the Mecha can be swapped for in the Mechanic!  The Mecha Hopper is a super cool setup for us that is explained more in the Mechanic section.
  • The Beginner Bundle is a sweet one-time purchase you can make to help kickstart your Hopper Farm!  It includes all of the Hopper necessities, including 1 of each building, a bunch of Nugs, a pair of Society and Battle Hoppers, plus 25 Green Helpers to gather some Resources for you!  This bundle is available for 1 purchase only, at a price of 50 HOPS.
  • The Deal of the Day is a rotating daily Hopper that is on sale!  Check back in each day to see which Hopper is on sale that day to add to your collection!
  • The Hop Casino is not currently available, but will be a place to play some minigames for HOPS and Nugs, and will also offer prizes such as the Lucker Hopper, and a special round of Lucky Weapon BPs!


The Account menu holds all of the pertinent behind the scenes setups, such as wallet linking, the Bank, pending mints, and your very own Clan Tag!

  • The Wallet Linking Menu will allow you to manage your connected ENJ wallet. Wallet linking is required for mints to be sent in the future, so make sure this is connected to the address you provided at the beginning!
  • The Pending Mints menu will show you all of the assets that are currently waiting to be minted to your wallet.  For the old ETH assets, this would probably mean waiting for the Jumpnet 1.2 NFT Bridge.  For the new Jumpnet assets, these mints have already begun as long as your wallet is setup correctly and you have performed 100 Quests!
  • The Bank will give you all of the information to setup a deposit for HOPS, send in Nugs or Green Helpers to use on your Farm, or swap in old weapons to break them down for Special Resources!  JENJ deposits are also supported, and will allow you to input a JENJ amount that will generate a wallet request to make the deposit! This requires a linked Enjin wallet to perform.
  • The Clan Tag menu will let you select a special Clan Tag to display in front of your Username throughout the game!  Currently the MvB Clan Tag is available if you own the token, with more coming soon!