Grasshopper Farm: Launching into the Multiverse

Hey Farmers and Enjineers!

As some of you know, we have been working diligently over the last couple of months to provide a simple, engaging product and game with Telegram integration.

What began as a simple passion for true ownership of gaming items has evolved into something much greater.

That is where the idea for Grasshopper Farm was born!

About Grasshopper Farm

Grasshopper Farm is a community-inspired, text-based Telegram game where you collect quirky Grasshoppers.

By interacting with the bot in Telegram, you can earn ERC-1155 Grasshoppers, send them out on missions, and battle your opponents!

This simple, seamless integration allows you to earn and use your Enjin-powered blockchain assets without ever having to leave Telegram. Whether you’re on Android, iOS, desktop, or web browser, Grasshopper Farm is easily accessible.

In addition to true item ownership, another fantastic advantage of ERC-1155 blockchain assets allows us to utilize these tokens to mirror token upgrades in the metadata. This feature will be live soon, so stay tuned.

Grasshopper Farm is currently live and playable on Telegram, where you can also join our community chat.

Check out this detailed guide to get started:

Grasshopper Farms New Bot Guide

Play the game here:

Grasshopper Farm

Our project has evolved quite a bit over the last few months, in large part thanks to the support, engagement, and friendship of the Enjin community.

We can’t thank you all enough for creating an open environment for sharing ideas and just sharing life!

Launching into the Enjin Multiverse

We are happy to formally announce that Grasshopper Farm has joined the new Enjin Multiverse Program!

We are excited for all of the potential this has for us, making management of our assets and resources that much easier. The Enjin Team support has been superb, and the tools available are excellent to help every dev create and use their own blockchain items in their games!

On top of that, building a community of like-minded devs opens up a world of possibilities for collaborations, collective workings, shared ideas, and utilization of shared assets across games — which ultimately provides even greater benefit to our players.

And rest assured, we will be taking advantage of this all very soon!

In the coming weeks, we will be running our very own Multiverse event featuring integration, puzzle solving, and item requirements from fellow Enjin-powered games like Forgotten Artifacts, Dissolution, CryptoNOM, and Spirit Clash!

Coming along with this Multiverse quest will also be Images in each menu, as well as Swarms (Guilds/Clans), with a suite of additional Swarm quests, objectives, and buffs!

We cannot wait for what’s in store for Grasshopper Farm and will keep you updated via our social and community channels.

Stay connected and follow along on our journey: