Grasshopper Farms Bot/Game Guide

Hey Farmers! As we prep for an exciting journey over the next couple weeks, I wanted to spend some time reviewing all the new menus and features in the Grasshopper Farms bot!

For any newcomers, the Grassopper Farm is a community-inspired game centered on collecting quirky Grasshoppers and sending them on out on various missions or to battle your opponents! We are an Enjin integrated text-based Telegram game.


To play the game, all you need is an Ethereum address, and you can access the game via Telegram on your PC or Mobile Device. The Enjin wallet is recommended, as this is the best wallet to view and manage your ERC-1155 blockchain assets that you will earn and use in game! You can download the wallet for Android or iOS by clicking on your respective underlined device type. Telegram is a private messaging app that can be accessed via mobile, desktop app, or browser. If you don’t have Telegram, you can download it for your desired platform here, or clicking on the game link below should prompt you for this!

Now that we’re all set, you can begin playing the game!


The game starts off with a built in Tutorial to help explain some of the major components and key bot features of the game! The tutorial will cover most of the basics of how to play the game and what is available to you.

The tutorial is fairly self-explanatory and linear, so I’ll jump into bot navigation and mechanics once you finish! Once you finish the tutorial, you’ll be left with 3 Green Grasshoppers, 1 Swordsman Hopper, 1 Lumber Mill, Quarry, and Farm, and 1 Hopper Nug! You’ll have your 3 Green Grasshoppers assigned to each of the buildings, and be prepared for your first quest!

After the tutorial, you’ll be placed in the general Grasshopper Farm Town, with access to multiple sectors of the Farm! We’ll go ahead and segment this into the currently available menus.


Government Hall: The Government Hall is the first menu option, and hosts some of the more Society-related tasks for the Farm. Here, you have a couple options:

·        Mayor’s Office — This is where you will manage the “Mayor” of your Farm. Right now, the Founder’s Token is the Mayor. After the Founder’s token sale is over, a Mayor Token will be utilized which will offer decreased benefits. In this menu, you will be able to hire a Mayor if you do not have one, as well as upgrade your current mayor if you do. Mayor upgrades include Quest Success Chance, Combat Power, Quest Time Reduction, and Upgrade Time reduction! Each upgrade will cost resources and a small amount of Enjin.

·        History — This menu will display your most recent actions on the bot!

·        Leaderboards — This menu hosts several different leaderboards, including Most Hoppers, Most Nugs, and Most Combat Power — expect to see reward distributions based on these rankings soon!


Construction Center: The Construction Center will be the go-to menu for
construction of new buildings and upgrades of your current buildings!

·        Build Structure — Build a new structure on the Farm

·        Upgrade Structure — Upgrade a current structure on the Farm


Hopper Headquarters : The Hopper Headquarters will host Hopper management menus! This is where you will go to complete quests, attack other Farms, and recruit Hoppers.

·        Scholarly Recruitment — This menu is where you will go to pick up some Scholar Hoppers for the farm. These are the ones that you will be using for the Society Quests later on, and all will provide various benefits in time on the Farm. Examples include Teachers, Doctors, Farmers, Lumberjacks, and more!

·        Quest Board - Follow the on screen menus to select a Society or Battle quest for your Hoppers to go on! You can perform 1 Society AND 1 Battle Quest at the same time, but not more. All of your Society Hoppers will be sent out on the Society Quest, and your Battle Hoppers will be used for the Battle Quests.

·        Base Assault — Coming soon! Engage your fellow Farmers in a base attack to try to steal some of their resources

·        Hopper Enlistment — Recruit Battle Hoppers here. Similar to the scholar recruiting mentioned above, select from a couple options of Hoppers to assist with battle and battle quests.


Swarm Hall: This menu will be live very soon! Swarms will be the equivalent of Clans or Guilds on the Hopper Farm. A building will need to be added to join or create a Swarm. Expect to see a couple of options:

·        Join Swarm — Join an already made Swarm available on the Farm

·        Create Swarm — Create your own Swarm — this will require more resources than just joining.

Within the Swarm, expect to find things such as:

·        Managing the Swarm — Removing users, leveling up the Swarm, donating Hoppers/resources to the Swarm Bank

·        Swarm Quests — Use your Hoppers and resources together to complete collective Swarm Quests

·        Swarm Buffs — As the Swarm levels up, look for options to also level up Swarm wide buffs, similar to the Mayor

Financial Sector: The Financial Sector is one of the simpler menus, hosting two options — one will direct you to the Bank, and one to the Deal of the Day.

·        Bank — View your Enjin balance, and make a deposit if necessary

·        Deal of the Day — Check out a rotating supply of Hoppers on sale — currently this is the Founder’s Token at 200 ENJ!


Resource Stockpile: The Resource Stockpile hosts our 3 Resource Generating buildings, the Lumber Mill, Quarry, and Farm. Each of these buildings have a couple of options:

·        Assign Helpers — Assign idle Green Grasshoppers to begin harvesting Wood, Rocks, or Food for you at an hourly rate. You can assign 1, 5 or the maximum amount of Green Grasshoppers at any time. Here, you can also unassign your Helpers at the building you are working at to reassign them as necessary.

·        Resource Upgrade — This menu is available from here and via the Construction Center upgrades. This will be where you can level up your Lumber Mill, Quarry, and Farm to increase the capacity and the amount protected in the event of attack!

 ·        Recruit Helpers — This menu is where you will hire your Green Grasshoppers — these blockchain assets are the ones responsible for collecting Wood, Rocks, and Food for your Farm.


  • At the Blacksmith you can expect to see options to upgrade your current weapons, and forge new ones based on blueprints you find!  All of this will help increase your combat power!

Alrighty!! That about sums up all of the current options in the Grasshopper Farm environment! This will continue to evolve as more features are added, so stay tuned on our official channels for updates! I will also be sure to update this document as more things are added!

If you have any further questions or want more info on the project, be sure to check out our
Twitter and our community Telegram. We also have a Facebook page, and stream the development process a couple times a week on Twitch!